Friday, December 18, 2009

But she's Happy, what's it to ya???

Actually, that's about what my real horse looks like about mid-February!

Not the kind of treats I get...

...when I flick MY horse's tail!
That's "MISTER" Horse to YOU!

Hey, Why'd You Name Your Horse Dog D!ck?

I Dunno, it just seemed to fit.

Dunno what's more disturbing.

The horse, or the lampshade!

If you really hate horses...

Think of the fun you'll have snapping them in the nose every time you want to turn on the lights!

If Wallace and Gromit had a horse...

This would probably be what it would look like!

Hm....boobs on a horse. O-kay.

Small Pox is Never Pretty

Especially as bulging red pustules on a pink horse's butt!!

What Happens When You Breed an Alien with Hidalgo?

This. Unfortunately. I wonder if he bleeds acid.