Thursday, July 31, 2008

Etchy...or Yecchy

The tack is almost as disturbing as the ringworm infesting this poor thing!

Guess What This Was

Right now it's a crabby evil blue-eyed Llama!

And no, it wasn't a FAS....but it WAS a popular model horse before looking like something that rolled on the floor of a barber shop!

You put your right hoof out, you put your right hoof in

You put your right hoof out and shake it all the Hokey Pokey...yadda yadda!

And yes, I do believe this used to be a FAS! But hey, look how happy he is!

Here's a great tip for customizers

Don't like how the neck came out on your custom? Hide it under the mane! Don't like how the withers came out on your custom? Hide it under the mane! Don't like how the topline came out on your custom? Hide it under the mane!

Lovely paint job though!

Life in outer space!

Because there's sure no gravitational field where this horse is running loose!
Submitted by Suzanne Feld

Talk About Old-Style Bulldog QHs...

More Bull than Bulldog! My hind fetlocks would collapse if I had all that weight too!

Don't know what's more disturbing...

The blotchy purple color....

Or the weird unbending legs

A Moldy Hackney and its Parasitic Twin

Bad enough to be afflicted with a resin horse equivalent of the Elephant Man's disease, but to have a little humanoid parasite attached to your butt...that's the last straw!

If Elasta-Girl Had a Mule... could do this too!

I'm Melllllting! Mellllllting!

Oftentimes hobbyists will soak their models in a bleach mixture to whiten them up or to strip the paint. Sometimes hobbyists mistakenly use pure bleach. Sometimes hobbyists leave the models in waaaay too long. And that's when things like this happen:

Tip-Toe, Thru The Tulips...

Daintily picking our way, hopefully to a veterinarian to have that big abscess on our neck lanced! Nice color though!

Bloaty Jr.

I lost out on the bidding for this disturbing little fella, but I have his picture, by gum!

I'd look astonished, too!

If I began galloping off and found my back leg inexplicably immobile!

Some things don't NEED to be made into models...

O, I could do a whole Blog on birthing models.... but I won't

I love the expression on the mare's face..."what the HELL????".

Then there's this one. This customizer has done an entire series of mares giving birth, and my dream (nightmare) is to be able to highlight each and every one of them here!

Hmm, that mare's expression is also "What the HELL?" Maybe it's a universal Mare Face when they discover a super-huge foal with no hind legs has popped out of their butts!

Or maybe she's concerned she's about to be run over by that giant car in the background! Run Away!!!

Y'Know, some Tilex would clean up that mildew problem

Guess the summer's been so humid, even the models have stuff growing on 'em.

Clowns are scary enough...


Breyer Clones Are Disturbing!

Remember that bit in "Alien 4" where Ripley finds all those mutant deformed clones of herself? Yeah, kind of like that.

Quack... no...Whinney.... no...Quack?

I'm speechless. Totally.

Freaky Multi-Headed Hydra Hand Horse from Hell


Here's Looking At You, Kid

For some reason I'm reminded of Wallace & Grommit. CHEEEESE!

Creepy Cannibalized Caballos

Found these beauties on eBay, the listing states they're made with real horsehair! Now whether that means horse-HIDE or just the mane and be the judge.

I had some of those old "furhide" horses back in the '70's until the little beetles found them and ate all the hair off. THEN they were REALLY creepy looking!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Help, I've Fallen!

You know the rest... Poor thing broke its legs in the fall!

A True Drinker of the Wind

C'mon, he's got to be athletic with those nostrils!

Those Wonderful Marx Dead Horses!

What's more disturbing that little toy dead and dying horses! Hooray, it's fun to play with Marx toys!

Me Robo-Horse!

Does he poop nuts and bolts?

Proof that DEs are Universal

There's even Disturbing Equines in Africa!

Back When Big Hair was Big

I like the colors!

The Rare Czeck Porcelain...

...or Italian, or Venetian...this one pops up on eBay and in antique malls all the time, always from a different country. I paid $1 for mine at a local thrift store, obviously they didn't know what a rare find they had!

I think it's the large, fleshy pink mouth that disturbs the most

And the sultry upwards gaze, and the lumpy hindquarters...

Here's one for Animal Cops!

They don't have money for hay, but plenty of money for horse lipstick!

Best Use for a Barbie Horse!

Domo Aregato, Mr. Roboto

Er, I think it's equine...

Love That Blueberry Pie!

Yum Yum!

Insert Green Horse Joke Here

Yeah, too easy.

Precious Moments

Who can resist such big, brown, soulful eyes!

If you keep making that face, it'll freeze that way forever!

'Tis true!

Yeah, Yeah, these are disturbing in real life

But there's just something about those spidery forelegs that freak me out!

The Amazing Equine Weather Station

C'mon, you know you want one!

Mon Orchid Storm

Guess the mold and win a prize! And no, it's not a FAS!

Great Jumping Prospect

With those legs, twice as long as normal!

Everyone Knows It's Melty!

The pitiful result of trying to bloat a Breyer by putting it into a lit wood stove. Do not recommend doing that again!

Another Skin-Covered Horrorse

And it seems fascinated by lacy table cloths!

Achtung! Der double-joinged goose-schtepping DE

Yep, wish I could walk without bending my knees!

Hmmmm. Okay....

Lamp? Incense Burner? Disturbing Equine? Equine?