Friday, December 17, 2010

Imitation Isn't Always Flattering

This is a copy of the Breyer Stablemate Thoroughbred Mare the same way the mutated clones of Ripley in "Alien 3" were copies of Sigourney Weaver!

Thanks to Jennifer P., who has a lot of Disturbing Equines apparently!

Playing With Mommy's Makeup, or MURDER

Jury's still out as to whether that's lipstick or blood!

Thanks to Jennifer P. again!

Wrong Way Wainright

Backwards Knees, it's what's hot this season!

Thanks to Jennifer P. for this disturbing equine!

Is That A Leg Or Are You Happy To See Me?

I hope that's just a mis-placed leg...I really, sincerely hope that's all it is!

Thanks to Jennifer P. for this great find!

Friday, November 5, 2010


"Marge! I want to snuggle!"

Bristling Mad

He'd be either very comfy to ride bareback...or fatal!


Greatly suffering injured horse? Evil undead spawn from hell emerging from the grave? Victim of an icy cold rectal thermometer?

Git A LONNNNNNNG Little Dogie

Must be a Saddlebred.

You Talkin' To Me? Are ya huh?

I think it's the pugnacious underbite that telegraphs all sorts of 'tude!


It's sooo keeeeyooooooot! I bet it'd just prance and dance right up to your face and entertain you with its sweet cuteness....right before it RIPS YOUR THROAT OUT!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Love Those Leather Bell-Bottoms

Grooovy, baby!

Malformed Proto-Humanoid Bronco Buster

Actually the rider's more disturbing than the horse. I am reminded of the bad guy in the original "Robocop" movie who gets the big tank of caustic toxic waste dumped on him and his face melts away....yeah, kind of like that.

Hey There, Big Boy

Looking for a little fun, Sailor?

Who wouldn't want to spend some quality time with a sexy leopard-spotted gal on wheels!

Mares In Bondage

More of a "Disturbing Tack" posting, this just made me giggle. It's like they belong in some sort of equine bondage video, or else as evil steeds in a He-Man/Masters of the Universe cartoon!

Shiny...and red!