Friday, August 7, 2009


"I like stuff...duuuuurrrrrh...."

(I guess it's the brown foamy stuff that disturbs me...almost as much as the slack, malformed lower lip)

Seeing Spots Can Be A Symptom Of Brain Damage!

So can seeing flattened ears, impossibly bent necks, noodle boneless legs, ridiculous tails, and spotting like no living creature on earth could sport!

It's even more fearsome in close-ups!

Either it's got a case of "The Snots", or had been eating the shaving cream again!

So, Timmy...Do You Like Gladiator Movies?

Disturbing...on many levels.



The rest of me is freaky-scary too! YARRRRGH!

Starved Old Nags Revisted

I still can't figure out the appeal of depicting old, decrepit, starving abused neglected glue-factory bound nags as a decorative items. But somebody bought them, somebody got paid to make 'em...that's even more disturbing than the ole' nags!

Saggy and ribby at the same time!

And the other side...

And THIS is a first (for me)...a bony old nag with a bony old rider!!

So disturbing, he's kinda cute!

Feed 'em Oats, Not Spaghetti

A diet high in linguini is the only explanation for those back legs!

Multiple Big-Headed Horses!!

When ONE isn't disturbing enough, how about an entire herd of big-headed equines that for some reason, remind me of Bing Crosby. Don't ask why, because I don't know.

I WANT to Wuv U!!!


A Logical Combination

Seriously...Cowboys...and Horses... I can't imagine why it makes me want to scream and run away!


Yep, if I were a giftware designer, first thing that would come to my mind is a horse playing golf! You too?

What's with the Brian Kilmead bobblehead in the background. Huh.

Are you going to smoke me or not?

Nothing like your smoking implement giving you the stink-eye!

Urrrrgh! Hulk-Horse Angry!!!

Words cannot be found. Sorry.

Fink Plamingos?

Hm...I THINK they're supposed to be horses...