Friday, August 7, 2009

Multiple Big-Headed Horses!!

When ONE isn't disturbing enough, how about an entire herd of big-headed equines that for some reason, remind me of Bing Crosby. Don't ask why, because I don't know.


Becky Turner said...

AHAHAHA these are great!.... where in the world did you see these at? lol wonder why though.. I just cant help but wonder... why? lol Great to see more posts again.. I have a few disturbing equines here I have got to take pics of for you... my aunt has a god collection of odds and ends of horse shaped figures and some would go well on the blog here.. one she gave me years ago.. chin, big head, lots of teeth and a bow! lol I send ya pics soon..
Rebecca Turner

Becky Turner said...

good collection !!!! not god.. lol Im having problems with my O's and L's not coming up unless I hit them really hard.. must be something under the keys... time to shake out the keyboard again!
Rebecca Turner
Soltice Art Studio

M.S. said...


bezoticallyyours83 said...

OMGS I remember these! My boyfriend tried to offer me one that he found in the toy chest of his dentist's office. I...politely declined.