Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some things don't NEED to be made into models...

O, I could do a whole Blog on birthing models.... but I won't

I love the expression on the mare's face..."what the HELL????".

Then there's this one. This customizer has done an entire series of mares giving birth, and my dream (nightmare) is to be able to highlight each and every one of them here!

Hmm, that mare's expression is also "What the HELL?" Maybe it's a universal Mare Face when they discover a super-huge foal with no hind legs has popped out of their butts!

Or maybe she's concerned she's about to be run over by that giant car in the background! Run Away!!!


Homer Horse said...

The photo of the top is from the "Equine Kama Sutra' - that ain't no birthin' picture!!

Becky Turner said...

rolf. these just crack me up! she has her leg spread up to the sky! rolf rolf she is saying ..git outta there!!!!

Rebecca Turner

Keola said...

The first one is especially disturbing.. Not only does the foal look too big to have even possibly come out, but.. I think that the "mother" is a hermaphrodite of some sort.