Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Beautiful paint job...and the sculpting isn't quite THAT disturbing, if you've ever seen a real horse yawn, ha!


Homer Horse said...

Holy craptarts, Batman! Why would anyone put a "beautiful paintjob" on a Jerry Lewis inspired horse!! "GLAAAA-VINN!"

Keola said...

People have no idea about the skeletal structure of a horse's head!! If you were to X-ray this one..
Freak of nature..

Bob said...

it's teeth are in the right place, it's just stretching it's prehensile lips and yes I have seen a few horses yawn, perhaps not with such big heads but I've dissected a huge parrot mouthed horse head before so there are freakier things than this in real life.

bezoticallyyours83 said...

Its pretty cute and that's a fairly realistic yawn.