Friday, August 8, 2008

An Oldie But Goodie

C'mon, who didn't at least WANT one of these kits!! I sure did, but had to settle for the "Visible Man" who provided entertainment for hours on end. I think I still have his skull somewhere around the house.

But O, I did want this, because, well, duuh, it's a HORSE!

Look, it comes with a big bag o' bones and plastic guts! How fun could that be!

Yummm....Vital Organs! I can't tell if this is a boy or a girl horse though... not from those vital organs anyway. (come to think of it, the Visible Man didn't have any special vital organs...but the Visible WOMAN did)

Of course, assembly is required. I wonder how many veterinarians got one of these when they were kids!


Jen said...

Hey I had one of those Visable Horse kits! LOL.. apparently they don't realize what a "vital" organ is. Im pretty sure every guy out there considers it vital. HA. I still have the skull of that horse kit. I sculpted a super sclpt horse head over it, and left it for some od years. Well, don't try this at home kids. The sculpt broke down the plastic into a gooey substance that leached out in cracks in teh sculpy. Ya that head looks even creepier now. :s

Becky Turner said...

ooh Id love to have one of those! was it for sale? darn I always moss out on cool stuff...
Rebecca Turner